The 10 Best Dishwasher Brands in 2024

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June 3, 2024
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Choosing a new dishwasher is a big decision—they tend to be pretty expensive purchases, and you don’t want to choose one that’s just going to break down within a few years. In general, you can expect a dishwasher to last about 10 years, although this can vary depending on the brand. You also need to consider things like energy efficiency, features, and performance.
We’ve done the research for you and curated a list of the best 10 dishwasher brands available in 2024. Also based on search trends and social media/forum discussions.  

1. Bosch

Bosch frequently leads the pack when it comes to durability and reliability tests, so it was a no-brainer for our top pick! You can expect a Bosch dishwasher to last for 10 years minimum, and they’re also known for their efficient performance and useful features. They feature a rustproof stainless steel interior and whisper-quiet operation—you often won’t even notice your Bosch dishwasher is running! 

Other features include an optional third rack, plenty of space for washing large items, and their patented PerfectDry technology which ensures your dishes come out perfectly dry. 

2. GE

GE is one of the most popular brands for dishwashers in America, and it’s easy to see why! They score highly when it comes to reliability and durability, while still remaining affordable. GE dishwashers are also loved for their innovative features, such as the SmartDispense technology, which ensures the right amount of detergent is dispensed each time. Overuse of detergent is a waste of money and can leave residue on your dishes, so this technology is a lifesaver!

GE dishwashers also offer excellent performance and include adjustable racks and a big range of wash cycles and settings. They’re suitable for all sizes of households!

3. Whirlpool

Whirlpool dishwashers are affordable, user-friendly, and long-lasting. They are famous for their high-quality products that don’t come with any unnecessary bells and whistles. That doesn’t mean they use outdated technology, however—Whirlpool dishwashers include sensors that make adjustments to the wash cycle depending on the size of the load, which ensures they are energy efficient and help reduce your electric bill. 

4. Miele

Miele dishwashers are German-made, and the brand is synonymous with high-quality, premium appliances. They have fewer models available than some other brands, but all of their products are known for their durability and innovative features. Miele dishwashers have been known to last for 20 years or more, and their models frequently achieve Energy Star ratings. Although Miele dishwashers are a little more expensive than some other models, we think the price is worth it for the reliability, durability, and sleek, aesthetic design. 

5. LG

LG puts its focus on energy efficiency, as is evidenced by the Energy Star ratings achieved by its models. They pride themselves on sturdy construction, featuring robust stainless steel interiors and sleek, attractive exteriors. LG stands apart from the rest with its patented QuadWash technology, which features the use of multi-motion arms to shoot jets of water at your dishes from multiple angles. They also strive to make their products available to a variety of budgets. 

6. Maytag

If high performance and robust design are important to you, we recommend a Maytag! Maytag dishwashers use high-pressure jets during their PowerBlast cycle, which helps remove stubborn debris from your dishes quickly and efficiently. Their stainless steel interior prevents daily wear and tear, and they’re also known for being highly energy efficient—ideal for people looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Maytag dishwashers also come at a lower price point than some other brands, making it the perfect choice for consumers who are keeping an eye on their budgets.

7. Kitchenaid

Kitchenaid is another brand that prioritizes energy efficiency, with many of its models achieving Energy Star ratings. These dishwashers feature the innovative ProWash option, which automatically detects load size and adjusts wash settings accordingly. KitchenAid dishwashers have a higher price point than more basic models, but we think the elegant, sleek design, advanced features, and reliability make them worth it!

8. Beko

Beko prides itself on providing advanced, innovative features at an affordable price. These features include the EverClean filter, which reduces the need for maintenance with its advanced filtration system. Beko knows that energy efficiency is important to its customers, and its appliances are designed with this in mind—many of their range have Energy Star certifications. The dishwashers are designed to be long-lasting and deliver a strong performance, without breaking the bank. Beko dishwashers are our top pick for those on a budget who want to balance affordability with performance! 

9. Siemens

Siemens dishwashers are a premium product, and their price reflects that. With their innovative features, we think that the price tag is worth it! While many dishwashers struggle to deliver perfectly dry, streak-free dishes each time, Siemens has solved that issue with its Zeolith drying technology. The dishwashers use the mineral Zeolite, which has the unique ability to convert moisture into heat. Each dishwasher features a Zeolite chamber which absorbs humidity from your dishwasher’s interior and converts it into hot air.  

This cutting-edge technology is also energy efficient, with many Siemens dishwashers not only meeting but exceeding Energy Star standards! These features combined with their modern, stylish designs make these dishwashers well worth the cost! 

10. Samsung

Samsung is a company that excels at producing a huge range of goods and appliances, and their dishwashers also reflect the company’s innovation and skilled design. They aim to provide dishwashers to suit a variety of budgets, featuring competitively priced models as well as premium ranges. Samsung dishwashers are known for being durable and long-lasting, as well as energy efficient—many models have earned Energy Star certification! Their innovative features are what separate Samsung from the rest, such as the patented StormWash system, which cleans your dishes from multiple angles at once to ensure there is no food residue remaining.


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