How to Replace Your LG Dryer’s Idler Pulley When It Starts Squeaking

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April 22, 2019
Dryer Repair

Any time your dryer is making noise it shouldn’t, that’s a red flag one of the pieces has failed. Your dryer’s idler pulley carries a lot of weight and force during drying cycles because it helps to force the drum to turn. If the bearing has failed, you’ll often hear a loud squeaking noise throughout the cycle. To get rid of the noise, order replacement part #4560EL3001A for your LG dryer. Then follow these steps to install it.

1. Unplug the dryer.

Before you start any repairs or parts replacements, always unplug your appliance. This reduces the risk of accidental shocks or injury.

2. Remove the top panel and the control panel.

Go to the back of the dryer. Remove the three screws that attach the top access panel. Slide the panel back an inch to free the front from the groove. Then lift it free and set it aside.

Next, go to the front of the machine to start removing the control board. First, release the wire harness in the middle. Then loosen the two screws, one in each corner. Pry up the locking tabs along the top interior edge of the control panel. Lift up the left-hand side and pull the control board slightly up out of where it sits and then back towards you to release the circuit board from the cutout in the frame.

There are still a few wire connectors, so pull the black sleeve out of the retaining clip and set the panel on top of the machine instead of setting it aside.

3. Disassemble the front of the dryer.

Open the dryer door. Remove the two screws near the bottom of the opening that secure it to the front panel. Bend up the tabs along the top of the front access panel using pliers. Then lean against the panel to hold it in place as you remove the screws along the top.

Tilt the panel forward. You should be able to see a wire harness between the front panel and the body of the dryer above the door. This is to the door switch. Unplug it.

Next, lean the panel further forward to free it from the bottom mounting brackets. Set it aside.

Unplug the black and gray wire harness in the top left corner. This connects to the light socket.

After that, remove the bracket that secured the control panel in place. Remove the screws: one on the front of the left and right edges, and the other two on each of the interior top corners. Pull the metal bracket up and then swing it on top of the dryer. The wires in the black sleeve have another retaining clip holding the excess length. Unclip it and set the control board and bracket on a side table without stretching the wires that are still connected.

4. Remove the dryer drum to access the idler pulley.

In the lower right-hand corner, you’ll find the moisture sensor wire harness. Unplug it.

Next, remove the four screws along the edge of the circular bulkhead around the drum. Then lift the bulkhead up and away. The side panels will slightly lean once you remove the bulkhead, but that’s okay. Next, release the tension on the belt. To do that, reach into the bottom left corner below the drum. The belt is arranged in a slight “Z” shape with a pulley pulling the belt into shape at each corner of the “Z.” Push the idler pulley mechanism to the left (this is at the top corner of the “Z”) to release tension and pull the belt free of both pulleys.

Then use the belt as a handle to pick up the drum and guide it free from the machine. Set it aside.

5. Replace the idler pulley.

Locate the white idler pulley on the left side of the machine. To remove it, first, remove the retainer and washer on the far side of the pulley’s shaft. Then you can just slide the pulley free. Before installing the new pulley, make sure the shaft isn’t scratched or damaged.

Slide the new shaft in place, as well as the washer. Then push the retainer in place over the edge of the shaft. The plastic will need to stretch slightly, but then it should snap snugly into the groove.

6. Reassemble the dryer interior.

First, pick up the drum by using the belt as a handle. Guide it into place over the rear rollers and set the belt back down smoothly over the drive. Make sure there aren’t any twists and it’s groove-side down.

Next, reach underneath the drum to arrange the belt. Push the idler pulley mechanism to the left. Then arrange the belt so it goes to the right of the idler pulley and then to the left of the smaller pulley below to give the belt its “Z” shape. Gently release the idler pulley back into place.

Reattach the bulkhead. Make sure it lines up with the blower housing in the bottom left corner first, and then shift the drum to line up with the bulkhead. Once everything feels in place. make sure the four brackets on the left and right edges line up with the screw holes in the side panels. Retighten the four screws.

After that, reconnect the moisture sensor wire in the bottom right corner.

Then start reattached the control panel. start by twisting the bracket back into place. Reconnect the lighting wire in the top left corner and clip the long sleeved wiring back in place.  Slide the hooks on the left and right edges of the control panel bracket into place, then secure it with all four screws. 

7. Reassemble the dryer exterior. 

Start by attaching the front panel. Set it down on the bottom groove and tilt it almost flush with the front of the machine. Plug in the door switch wires once the panel is close enough, then push it flush with the machine. Lean against it to hold it in place as you right the four screws along the top of the panel. Completely secure it in place by refolding the metal bracket in place and then opening the door to reattach the two screws at the bottom of the cavity.

Next, reattach the control panel. Hold the control panel near the front. Slide the black-sleeved wires into the first retaining clip and then plug the control board back in.

Lower the control panel into the bracket without bumping the circuit board and snap it into place. Then secure it from the back with the two corner screws.

Set the top panel down about an inch from the front. Then slide it forward under the top lip of the control board. Screw it into place along the back edge.

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