Location of You Microwave Model and Serial Number by Brand

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March 9, 2020
Microwave Repair

One of the most important steps in any repair is getting the right replacement parts. You need parts that fit into your appliance with all the same connections and ratings as the original components. To do this, the best way is to know the model and the serial number of your appliance. These numbers will help you track down the appliance manual and replacement parts catalog and identify the exact part-numbers you need for the repair.

Of course, to do this, you need to find those numbers. Your model number and serial number will be listed in the manual, but most people don’t keep their home appliance manuals. And if you inherited the appliances with the home, then who knows where the original manuals got off to. Fortunately, you don’t need the manual. Each appliance has it’s model number and serial numbers printed together somewhere on the product. It may be large and apparent or tiny and hidden. Each brand does model and serial number labeling differently, and by knowing your brand, you can hunt down the specs you need. We’re here to help you find those serial numbers based on your brand of microwave. Let’s go through the most popular brands and the common places to look for a label. 

GE Microwave Serial Number Locations

GE microwaves are among the most popular brands and many people will find that swooping GE logo on their microwaves at home. GE has three different places where you might find a serial number depending on the type of microwave you have. Check all three in order of ease with your microwave setup. 

On the Left Inside Wall

The easiest place to look for a serial number is on the inside walls. Most microwave brands print the serial number on the inside of some microwave models. GE microwaves tend to print the serial number and model number on the left-hand wall. Open your microwave door and look left to the left-hand wall. It is usually right in the center or toward the door.

On the Bottom

For microwaves designed to be mounted above your stove or counter, GE prints the model and serial number on the underside. This makes it easier to look at the serial number for above-the-range microwaves without opening or flipping it around. If you have a GE mounted microwave that was intended to be mounted, then check the underside.

On the Back

If you don’t find the serial number inside the microwave or on the underside, turn your microwave around. There is usually a sticker or three on the back with useful information. There will be a high voltage rating and hazard warnings and there may also be a model and serial number listed. Always check the back of a microwave for information, just in case. 

Whirlpool Family Microwave Serial Number Locations

The Whirlpool family of appliances includes many popular and common brands like KitchenAid, Maytag, Amana, and more. If your microwave is made by a Whirlpool brand, then it will follow the same model production and labeling outline as Whirlpool because the same company is building the standard. There are three places to look for a serial number on a Whirlpool family microwave.

On the Front Frame Behind the Door

The first place to look is behind the microwave door. Most microwaves have some amount of door pocket, which is the inset that the door fit into. In this door pocket, on the front-facing frame, you might find the printed model number and serial number of your microwave. This is most often on the upper frame, but may also be found on the vertical frames.

On the Interior Right Wall

If you don’t see a number on the front-facing frame behind the door, check the interior walls of your Whirlpool microwave. The serial number in a Whirlpool microwave can sometimes be found on the right interior wall.

On the Vent Under the Control Panel

The next place to look is underneath the vent. Over-the-range microwave designs often include a vent so that they can act as an oven/stove vent as well as a microwave. Remove the vent cover housing beneath the control panel. The serial number and model number should be printed on the front-facing surface revealed by removing the vent. 

Panasonic Microwave Serial Number Locations

Of course, there are brands of microwaves other than GE and those in the Whirlpool family. Panasonic, for example, also makes microwaves and you may have one. If so, you can find the model and serial number by looking around the microwave door.

On the Door Pocket Side of the Control Panel

Open your Panasonic microwave door and look to the right. The control panel extends forward to create a door pocket and on that inner door-frame surface is the model and serial number. It is on the door-facing side of the control panel housing. 

Samsung Microwave Serial Number Locations

Samsung also makes microwaves and they occasionally need repair. If you are shopping for spare parts for a Samsung microwave, it helps to know where this brand leaves its serial number on the appliances.

On the Left Interior Wall

Samsung, like most other brands, uses the inside wall of the microwave. Open your microwave door and look inside. On the left interior wall, you will likely see your microwave’s model number and serial number printed. 

What to Do Once You have the Model Number

Finding the model number and the serial number of your microwave is only the first step. Once you have these details, you can use them to retrieve other very specific facts about your microwave. The model and serial number can help you check compatibility on replacement parts, get a digital copy of your microwave owner’s manual, or order an identical microwave because you loved the first one to pieces.

You can do online research to put your model number to use or consult with an appliance professional about enacting necessary repairs. For more great insights on appliance repair from beginning to end, contact us today!


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