How to Replace Your Electric Stove Burner Switch

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February 10, 2020
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For a home chef, your burners are an important part of meal planning. You know each of your burner’s strength, size, and accessibility by heart. Your recipes are based on exactly which pans and burners you will use. So when one of your burners stops responding, the entire weekly meal plan can be thrown off-kilter. It’s frustrating when your stove stops working. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to enact your own home repairs.

If you’ve already performed the necessary tests to determine that the burner switch is your problem, then it may be time for a burner switch replacement. We’ll walk you through this repair step-by-step. It requires caution, but the process is surprisingly simple. 

These instructions are generalized and can vary by model number.

Gather Your Supplies

Always start by getting all of your supplies together. This way, you won’t have to stop halfway to find or order something that you need to complete the repair. The most important part is, of course, your replacement burner switch. Look up your stove’s make and model to get the exact part number before you order the replacement. In addition, you’ll also need a screwdriver, nut driver, work gloves, and something to prevent the floor from scratching when you move the stove.

  • Replacement Burner Switch
  • Screwdriver
  • 1/4 Inch Nut Driver
  • Work Gloves
  • Cardboard or Towel
  • A Friend

Safety First

Cut the Power

This repair involves an electrical part, which can put you at risk of shock and electrocution. For this reason, it’s necessary to cut the power to your stove before performing the repair. Pull the plug or switch off the breaker that powers your stove, whichever is easier. You may have an easier time pulling your stove out and then pulling the plug, as both steps are necessary.

Pull Out the Stove

You will also need to pull your stove away from the wall. This repair involves working behind the stove and in front of the stove, so you’ll need room to work. Be sure to place a towel or a large piece of cardboard underneath the front feet of your stove as you pull it forward. This will prevent the floor from scratching. You may also need the help of a friend. 

Pull Off the Knob

Remove the Switch Knob

Start by removing the knob of the broken burner switch in question. It should pull right off, or you can use a flat-head screwdriver to help pop it away from the control panel surface. You will see a post left that the knob slipped off of, along with two screws on either side.

Unscrew the Mounting Screws

Use your screwdriver to remove the two mounting screws on either side of the knob post. There should be two screws that are holding the switch in place within the control panel housing.

Set Aside the Knob and Screws

When the screws come loose, be sure to set them aside somewhere safe. Place them next to the knob, as you will need all three components later when you reinstall the new switch. 

Remove the Control Panel Back Shield

Remove the Mounting Screws

Now move around to the back of the stove. Behind the top control panel is a metal shield held in place by several mounting screws. Use your screwdriver or the nut driver, whichever is called for, to remove the mounting screws that secure the back shield.

Lift Away the Back Shield

Carefully hold the back shield in place as you remove the last screw. Then lift and pull away from the back shield so that it comes safely loose in your hands.

Set the Shield and Screws Aside

Set the back shield aside gently, ideally propped on a towel or cardboard to prevent scratches to your floor or counter. Make sure all the mounting screws are also set somewhere you can find them again easily when it’s time to reinstall. 

Uninstall the Burner Switch

Identify the Loose Switch

Inside the control panel, you will see a combination of parts and wires. The piece you are looking for is the burner switch that is loose because you’ve already removed the mounting screws from the front.

Remove the Wire Harness

There will be a wire harness or a multi-point wire connection attached to the switch. This is the last thing securing the broken switch. Carefully remove the wires, remembering how they were connected. If you’re worried about remembering, snap a quick phone pic of the wire connection before removing the wires, or use the other burner switches for reference.

Throw Away the Switch

Now you can toss out the detached old burner switch. Or you can hold onto it and recycle with your other electronics. 

Install the New Burner Switch

Connect the Wire Harness

Align the new burner switch. With this positioning as a reference, attach the burner switch wires to the new switch. Be sure to match the connection exactly to how the previous switch was connected or how the other working switches are connected to their wires.

Mount with the Front-Panel Screws

Holding the burner switch in place, reach around and thread in the mounting screws through the front of the control panel. Hand-tighten the screws at first, then secure firmly with a few twists of the screwdriver. 

Reassemble Your Stove

Return the Back Shield

Now you’re ready to put your stove back together and prepare to test your success. Start by aligning the back shield and then carefully replacing each of the back shield mounting screws. Secure the screws, but do not over-tighten.

Return the Control Knob

Slide the control knob back on. If it feels greasy or sticky to the touch, wash the knob before returning it, and it will slide on easily.

Plug the Stove In

Before you slide the stove back, return power to your stove by plugging it back in. If you flipped the breaker, flip it back on now.

Push the Stove Back Into Place

Finally, you’re ready to push the stove back into place. Carefully lift the front and slide it backward. Try not to scratch your floor and consider using the help of a friend. 

Test Your Success

Last but not least, make sure your repair was a success. Flip on that burner and see if it glows. If you get that familiar red glow, then you’ve successfully replaced your stove burner switch. If not, contact us and we’ll help you track down the true cause of your electric stove troubles.


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