Oven Smells Like Gas? Here’s How to Fix It

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June 7, 2021
Oven Repair

There are lots of benefits of having a gas oven, including their ability to heat up quickly as well as being considered very efficient. However, gas is a highly flammable substance, and when it leaks out from your gas oven, it can be extremely dangerous.

If you can smell gas coming from your oven, the reason may depend on the specific circumstances of when you can smell the gas.

Here are a few of the most common scenarios and what to do about them.

My Oven Is Brand New, and I Can Smell Gas

It’s not uncommon for a new oven to omit a strange or chemical-like smell when it is first used. Sometimes that smell is mistaken for gas when it is something else. Before you use a new oven, you need to check the inside for any signs of packaging that haven’t yet been removed. If you find any packaging materials, then remove them before turning the oven on.

Most brand-new ovens will probably have a chemical smell the first few times you use them, but this smell will eventually disappear and is nothing to be concerned about.

I Can Smell Gas When I First Turn My Oven On

When you first turn your oven on, you will probably be able to smell gas; this is because when your oven’s burners ignite, a small amount of gas is first sent through the burners to help them fully ignite. When this happens, it’s nothing to worry about and is perfectly normal. The smell will go away once the oven is running.

I Can Smell Gas When My Oven Is in Use

If your gas oven has been running for a couple of minutes or more and you can still smell gas, then you should turn it off immediately. This can be a very dangerous scenario, and gas is likely leaking out into your kitchen. You need to not only turn your oven off but also turn the gas off at its source. You should also open the doors and windows in your house to let the gas flow out.

Before you use your oven again, you will need to contact a qualified repair person so they can find and fix the source of the gas leak. Don’t try to do the repairs yourself if you’re not qualified to do so, as it is very dangerous to work with gas.

My Oven Is Turned Off, and I Can Smell Gas

If you cannot smell gas while the oven is running but you can when it is turned off, then you also have a faulty oven and/or gas supply that needs to be repaired immediately.

Again, if you can smell gas in your kitchen, turn off your gas supply at the source and open all doors and windows. Make sure your house is thoroughly aired out before you go back inside, and if you feel dizzy or have a headache, you should call emergency services.

To find the cause of the gas leak, you need to call a qualified repair person so that they can find the cause and fix it. Under no circumstances should you try to repair a gas leak yourself if you’re not qualified to do so.

Bonus: How to Stay Safe Around Gas

Hopefully, one of the scenarios matches your specific circumstances, and you have been able to get it repaired. As mentioned above, gas ovens are generally very safe, but it’s always important to stay safe when dealing with toxic substances like gas. Here are a few tips:

  • If you have a gas oven and use gas for other appliances in your home, you should have a carbon monoxide detector installed. This will pick up dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in the air and alert you to them.
  • When cleaning your gas oven, don’t use a combustible cleaner, or you risk fires in your oven when you turn it on next.
  • If something goes wrong with your gas oven, never attempt to fix it yourself; always call a qualified repair person to fix it for you.
  • Make sure that you are aware of how to turn the gas off at its source. This way, if you have a problem like those listed in the article above, you’ll know how to turn it off.
  • Never use aluminum foil to line your gas oven, as this can end up blocking the oven vents and cause issues.
  • Only use your gas oven when you are in the kitchen and keeping an eye on it. It’s not a good idea to leave your house with your gas oven turned on and left unattended.

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