Electrolux Washer Not Starting: Here’s How To Fix It

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July 19, 2023
Washer Repair

Having your Electrolux washer stop working is extremely frustrating, especially when you only want to get some laundry done! That’s why we curated this step-by-step guide on how to fix an Electrolux washer if it’s not starting. We’ll break down common reasons why your washer isn’t turning on and show you how to troubleshoot and fix them in just a few easy steps. So, don’t worry. You’ll be doing laundry again soon with no stress or hassle involved.

Troubleshoot the power supply

Check whether the appliance is plugged in and turned on.

If you’re having trouble getting your Electrolux washer running, the power supply could be to blame. Start by making sure that the appliance is plugged in and turned on. It may sound obvious, but sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective!

Next, you’ll want to check the cord for any damage or fraying. You’ll also need to confirm that the outlet is working. This can be done by plugging another device into the outlet and seeing if it turns on.

Finally, check the breaker associated with the washing machine and confirm that it’s on and working.

Check the control panel

Confirm the control panel is working on your Electrolux washer.

If you’re experiencing any starting issues with your Electrolux washer, it’s always a good idea to check the control panel. This handy little panel is the brain of your machine and controls everything from water temperature to spin cycle speeds. Make sure all buttons are responding correctly and that the display is giving you accurate information. With a little bit of troubleshooting, you can quickly determine if your control panel is the source of the problem or if it’s something more serious.

If some buttons work but others don’t, you may have an error with the control board. If none of the buttons work, faulty wiring or no power getting to the control board may be the issue.

You can call a technician or inspect the board yourself by following these steps:

1. Unplug the washing machine.

2. Remove the control panel using a screwdriver to access the top panels.

3. Check that the user interface board is connected to the main control board. Look for any signs of corrosion or arcing on both the board and its wiring harness.

4. If you spot any damage, it’s likely that a replacement is necessary. We recommend reaching out to a technician for further assistance.

Check the door lock mechanism

Make sure that the lock mechanism on your Electrolux washer is functioning properly.

One important factor that affects the machine’s ability to start is the door lock mechanism. When the washer’s door lock isn’t working correctly, the machine won’t run. This safety feature is in place to prevent accidents and ensure that the door stays securely closed during the wash cycle.

If you’re having difficulty getting your washer to start, make sure that the door lock is fully engaged and that the door is closed.

You can inspect the lock for any debris or clothing that may be jamming it. You can also clean the lock by using a cotton ball or cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

If you determine that the lock isn’t functioning properly, it needs to be replaced by a professional as the repair process involves taking the whole door apart.

Inspect hoses and connections

Look for any leaks or damage to hoses, connections, and other components.

If you want to keep your Electrolux washing machine in tip-top shape, it’s important to inspect all hoses and connections regularly.

If the machine doesn’t fill properly, it won’t start.

First, make sure the water in your washing machine is turned on fully. The machine needs adequate water pressure to fill. Let the water flow for a few minutes before trying the machine again.

If the washing machine still doesn’t start, you need to inspect the hoses for leaks.

To begin your inspection, turn off the water. Then, carefully inspect each hose and connection for any signs of wear, cracks, or leaks. Look for any moisture or water stains around the connections. If you notice any damage or leaks, it’s important to replace the affected hoses or connections before using the machine again. 

If water is leaking from underneath the washing machine, then you may have an issue with the inlet valve or drain pump. You’ll want to call a repair professional for these.

A small leak or damage to a connection may seem insignificant, but it can quickly turn into a larger, more costly problem if left unchecked.

Contact a professional repair service

If you’re still having trouble starting your Electrolux washer, contact a professional to help you get it fixed quickly and efficiently.

Don’t let a malfunctioning washer be a headache any longer than necessary. If you’ve tried everything and it’s still not starting up, it may be time to call in the professionals. 

A professional repair service can provide quick and efficient solutions to any problem your Electrolux washer may be experiencing. It’s always best to trust the experts when it comes to complex appliances like washers, and you can feel confident with the knowledge that your washer will be fixed in no time. Save yourself the stress and hassle of fixing it on your own by contacting a professional service.

In conclusion, troubleshooting a start-up issue with an Electrolux washer isn’t always easy. It requires first checking whether the appliance is plugged in and turned on, followed by making sure the control panel is working correctly.

Additionally, you should inspect the door lock mechanism for any issues that may be preventing it from functioning correctly, and check hoses and connections for any signs of damage or leaks. If these preliminary steps fail to fix your washing machine, then it’s best to contact a professional repair service. Doing so will ensure that your washer gets fixed quickly and correctly with minimal hassle.

So if you’re having trouble getting your Electrolux washer started, don’t hesitate to call a specialist after you’ve exhausted all other simpler options. With their help, your appliance will be back up and running in no time!


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