Speed Queen Washer Won’t Spin? Here’s What to Do

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June 13, 2023
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Have you put a load of laundry in your Speed Queen washer, but when it comes to the end of the cycle, it’s still wet? Perhaps it stops as soon as it gets to the spin cycle, or maybe it tries to spin but makes a strange sound. No matter what the issue, our guide can help! Read on to find out how to get your Speed Queen washer spinning once more. 

This guide refers to all the common models of Speed Queen washer, including: 

















1. Malfunctioning lid switch

The lid switch on your Speed Queen washer needs to be engaged in order for the spin cycle to commence. For safety reasons, they are programmed not to spin if the lid is open, and if there is an issue with the lid switch the machine might incorrectly sense that the lid is open, even when it isn’t. To check this:

  • Unplug the washer and find the switch. It will be on the underside of the lid. 
  • Press the switch and ensure that it can be pressed in and released. If it seems stuck, try to manipulate it so that it moves freely. You can try using some lubricant to unstick it. 
  • If everything appears fine, you can try using a multimeter to see if it has continuity. 
  • If your tests show there is an issue, you can order a replacement lid switch online and install it. Then run your machine and test if your spin cycle is now working. 

2. Clogged or damaged drain pump

Washing machines have a sensor that prevents the spin cycle from starting until the tub has fully drained. If your drain pump is clogged and preventing your washer from draining, this could be the cause of your spin cycle problem. To fix this:

  • Unplug the washer, and find the drain pump. You might need to use a furniture dolly to move your washer. 
  • Remove the hose from the pump and check for clogs and blockages. If you find a clog, clean it out using some wire or a specialist drain clearing brush. Make sure you have towels on hand, as this step can get messy!
  • Once the clog has cleared, test the machine again. The spin cycle should work just fine! 

If you can’t find a clog, try moving on to the next step in our guide.

3. Worn-out motor coupler

Your Speed Queen washing machine has a motor coupler that acts as a safety stop, protecting the motor in case of a jam. If this coupler is damaged, it could prevent your spin cycle from running. 

  • After unplugging your washer, find the coupler. You can check your manual for its location.
  • Check for damage or signs of wear. If there is any damage, it will need replacing. You might need to consider the age and general condition of your washer before replacing, if it’s getting on in years, it might make more sense just to buy a new one. 
  • If you decide to replace your coupler, you can order a new part online. 
  • Install the new coupler according to your user manual, then test your machine. You should find the spin cycle is running perfectly once again!

4. Worn-out drive belt

The drive belt is what connects the motor to the tub and allows it to spin. Just like with belts in your car, they can get worn out and lose their integrity after a lot of use. A good indication that this is your problem is if your spin cycle is working a little, but not doing the job properly.  To fix this issue:

  • As always, unplug your washer. 
  • Remove your washer from the wall and remove the back panel to access the drive belt. 
  • Inspect the drive belt carefully for wear and tear. It shouldn’t have any cracks or tears and it should fit tightly in place. If it looks loose or stretched out, even if there is no other damage, it will need to be replaced. You can order a new part online.
  • Carefully work the old belt off of the pulleys and put the new belt in place. Your users manual will be able to give you more specific instructions.
  • Once it’s in place, test the machine. Your spin cycle should now run properly!

5. Spin cycle not engaging

An issue with the control board is often to blame for the spin cycle not engaging. This is often a catastrophic error for a washing machine, and in most cases will require a new washer. However, if you’re an expert DIYer and are happy to spend the time and money needed to fix this issue, follow these steps.

  • After unplugging the machine, refer to your manual to help locate the control board. 
  • Check it for obvious damage. If you’re lucky, the issue might be as minor as a blown fuse, in which case all you’ll need to do is replace the fuse. 
  • If everything appears normal, use a multimeter to test the different components of the control board. 
  • If there is a problem, you’ll need to order and install a replacement part. You can find a new part online or order one directly from Speed Queen. 
  • Once your new part arrives, install it according to your user manual, then run a test cycle. Your spin issue should now be fixed.

Please note – only attempt electrical work if you’re fully confident you can do so safely. If you’re not sure, it is always a good idea to contact a professional!


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